Cocktail Challenge

Our Cocktail Challenge concerns the theme of risks management within a company, introducing a surprise factor in the role play

Becoming a team of innovative bartenders and create a cocktail truly original discovering the fine art of mixing drinks, the goal of each team.

With the assistance of our team of qualified bartending experts, after a short brief on the main mixology tecniques each team will take place at their own bartending workstations and the event will begin.

Two challenges to overcome:

- Replicate an italian traditional cocktail working in teams and sharing roles and tasks

- Create a new cocktail recipe.
Having a wide range of liquors, distillates and ingredients available each team will be called to create a new cocktail recipe that reflect colors, values and spirit of the company.
Each team will choose one or more blends and how to mix them, the appropriate cocktail glass, the right garnish, the name of the cocktail and present it to the other teams.

At the end of the challenge our bartenders will taste the cocktails and evaluate the teamwork capability of each group to decide the winner.

The winning team will be awarded with our best teamwork certificate
Final tasting of the cocktails will close the activity.


  • Cocktail Challenge is available from 10 to 50 participants
  • It can be performed in Italian and English
  • Duration of the event: one hour and half
  • Theme and Event venue are defined according to the customers needs
  • It is generally done at aperitif time. It is possible to provide for a lunch or a dinner in conjunction

         Our formula includes:

  • Exclusive venue in city center
  • Sweet and savory appetizers served during team building activities
  • Aprons for all the participants
  • Service Staff: bartender, assistants and waiters
  • Ingredients, bartender tools, individual workstations

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