Cooking Team Building

In our cooking team building each team develops its efficiency and creativity through the preparation of dishes and menus.
Participants, divided into “kitchen brigades”, guided by professional chefs, will experience the creation of an entire menu of italian cuisine, working together toward a common goal, then taste together the product of their actions and  work.

Our activities:

- Pasta making team building
- Creativity cooking team building
- Pizza & Gelato Making

Pasta making team building

After a welcome aperitif with prosecco and roman appetizers  participants will be divided in teams and called  to prepare, with the help of our chefs, an italian traditional pasta menu with a special dessert.

Working together they’ll be involved in a real hands – on pasta challenge with the making of two different kind of  pasta sharing roles and competencies along the entire process  to get to the final step: the  tasting of the recipesthat will close the cooking team building.

Creativity cooking team building

Guests will be involved in a special cooking challenge testing their creativity and team spirit.
Two goals to reach:
- The secret box
Each team will be invited to open a mistery box with a selection of different ingredients inside.
Working in team, participants will be called to create a new recipe of antipasto that reflect colors, values and spirit of their company in a fixed time.
Each team will also choose the appropriate mise en place, the right garnish, the name of the course and present them to the other teams
- Pasta making contest
Teams will be invited to replicate an italian traditional handmade pasta sharing roles and tasks, from mixing flour to roll and cut the dough.
At the end of the challenges our chef will taste the recipes and decide the winning team.
The final tasting of the menu will close the activity

Pizza Team Building & Gelato making

With our Pizza Making and Gelato class you will learn to make two of Italy’s most iconic creations: pizza and gelato.

First step to do: the italian homemade gelato.

Guests will be invited to dive right into the gelato making process, making gelato from scratch in a step-by-step process then with our English-speaking chef, a master of pizza,they will be involved in a real hands -on pizza making, to roll and shape the dough choosing the toppings they prefer from a wide variety of freshest local products.
At the end of the activity they will taste the product of their work paired with local wine in our dining room.


  • Cooking Team Building is available from 10 to 150 participants
  • It can be performed in Italian, English and French
  • Theme of the menu, number of courses and  event venue are defined according to the customers needs

Our formula includes:

  • Exclusive venue in city center
  • Welcome aperitif
  • Cooking team building  with final tasting
  • Ingredients, individual workstations, kitchen tools
  • English speaking staff
  • Water and wine
  • Best team work certificate
  • Event coordination

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