Cooking Team Building

The kitchen as a metaphor where the group develops its efficiency and creativity through the preparation of dishes and menus.
Identified some key issues for the improvement and maintenance of business relationships and professional life, we created a series of menus that represent them to be developed during the team building.
The participants, divided into “kitchen brigades”, guided by professional chefs, experience the creation of few recipes, working together toward a common goal, then enjoy together the product of their actions and  work.


  • Cooking Team Building is available from 10 to 150 participants
  • It can be performed in Italian, English and French
  • Duration of the event: three hours
  • Theme of the menu, number of courses and  Event venue are defined according to the customers needs

Our formula includes:

  • Exclusive venue in city center
  • Welcome buffet in finger food
  • Cooking team building with final tasting
  • Aprons and chefs’ hats for all the participants
  • Service staff: chefs, cook assistants, waiters
  • Floral arrangements;
  • Water and wine

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