Food & Wine Walk

After meeting up in Rome’s historic city center your english-speaking food & wine expert will lead you through the streets of Rome in order to engage all of your senses.
You will discover the pivotal role wine played in the daily life of ancient Romans and how wine has evolved over time from a sweet, spiced, syrup-like drink to the refined product Romans and the world drink now. You’ll pause to see both famous and amazing landmarks unveiling this fascinating heritage.
As your engaging expert guide leads you through the tasting of four fine wines on your wine walk, you’ll also learn about Italy’s world-famous incredible wine-making legacy. Your first stop will be to an enoteca or wine bar to taste one sparkling and one fine white wine from the outlying countryside, and enjoy delicious local snacks any foodie would be happy to taste.
Your expert wine guide will share with you the basics of wine-tasting techniques, so you can learn how to identify certain characteristics and main aromas of wine, but also the hidden and most common defects you can find in a bottle.
As you proceed to your next tasting, you’ll learn about Rome’s emperors, and how their role in spreading wine-making knowledge to a large portion of the world.
At another lovely, unpretentious enoteca you’ll enjoy a guided tasting of two fine Italian regional red wines with a light snack of local gourmet specialties.