Online Cooking team building

The unique experience of a cooking team building on italian traditional cuisine in live streaming with colleagues and friends with a final creative challenge to win.
Master of ceremonies and chef Sonia Peronaci, founder of the blog Giallo Zafferano and author of several cookbooks, who will guide the participants along the team work activity.
During the event, the teams will be involved in a special creativity contest and called to create a new recipe to represent the team and the event in a fixed time.

Some of our most requested formulas:

Smart Cooking
From the ingredient to the dish, a traditional italian recipe inspired by the main trends of the moment, from cinema to music to travel to art, to prepare and taste and a culinary challenge to solve to be “the best team of virtual chefs”

Street Food Party
A fun and original lunch break into the world of authentic italian street food where participants will prepare and taste the best of local recipes discovering history and traditions of italian food and challenge in a special final pressure test that will decide the best team of street fooders.

Coffee & Food
A creative and different coffee break to organize and taste.
First the guests will live an immersive experience in the ritual of italian coffee, discovering the art of preparing the real italian way coffee with the mocha and how to choose the right blend and then, with the help of our chef, they will cook some special italian sweets to match for a complete experience of italian breakfast.


  • Online cooking experiences are available from ten to 250 participants
  • They can be performed in Italian and English
  • Theme, goal and menu are defined according to customer needs

Our Formula includes

  • Chef Sonia Peronaci and her staff for the event
  • Digital platform for the activity
  • Live Tv set
  • Cooking team building with final tasting
  • Best team work certificate for the winning team
  • Event coordination