Aperiteam Building

Aperiteam Building is a real engaging activity in which guests are called to test their enogastronomic culture and skills during the happy hour.

On arrival, each guest will be provided a booklet and a company logo bag with a wine glass and the experience begins!

Inside the booklet participants  will find some questions to answer by making a tour of tasting sessions and practical tests during the entire evening.

They will be called to taste a selection italian traditional products: wines, cheeses, curated meats,bakery products, oil, chocolate.

In each tasting session,  placed in different corners of our venue, they will find our staff to guide them during the tasting experience.

A special pasta session aimed to create two different kind of italian traditional pasta will close the activity.

The team who totalized the maximum number of correct questions  of the booklet will be the winner, awarded with a certificate and a small gift.


  • Aperiteam Building is available from 30  to 150 participants
  • It can be performed in Italian, English and French
  • Theme of the event, number of tasting sessions and  event venue are defined according to the customers needs

Our formula includes:

  • Welcome prosecco and small finger food
  • 4 tasting stations with 2 different enogastronomic products for each and a pasta making session with final tasting
  • Ingredients, arrangements, kitchen tools
  • English speaking staff
  • Water and wine

Contact us at: corporate@thetravellerchef.com