Christmas Team Building

Celebrating Christmas 2021 in a different way to increase team spirit, creativity and engagement: that’s the aim of the activities  The Traveler Chef offers to companies for the Christmas period.

Here some of the proposals made for the upcoming holidays:

Creativity Cooking Challenge

A special Cooking challenge where the participants, divided into teams and assisted by the chefs, are called to test their creativity in two culinary challenges:

- The Mistery Box
Equipped with hidden ingredients present in our Mistery box in the station, the participants, assisted by the chefs, are invited to create a new recipe, from mixing ingredients to the final presentation.

- Pasta Challenge
Teams will be invited to replicate an italian traditional handmade pasta sharing roles and tasks, from mixing flour to roll and cut the dough.
At the end of the challenges our chef will taste the recipes and decide the winning team.
The final tasting of the menu will close the activity

Christmas Cocktail Race & Dinner
Come to our beautiful estate on Cassia immersed in the green of the Roman countryside but a few kilometers from the city to live a complete event of creative team building with three course dinner.
Become a team of innovative bartenders by testing skills and teamwork, the goal of each team.
After a brief introduction to the main bartending techniques and a welcome drink, the participants divided into teams will be called to create an innovative cocktail in the shortest possible time, sharing tasks and work into an extremely creative test.
Using a selection of ingredients and starting from a basic version of one of the most famous traditional Italian drink, each team will have to create a new recipe, from the alcoholic composition to the final decoration, which represent the company, its values, the mood of the event.
At the end of the challenge each team leader  will present the work to the other participants.
The jury represented by the barman team will decide the team who worked the best  and give it our special “Best Teamwork” certificate
To carry out the activities the participants will have at their disposal equipped bartending stations, tasting cards and competencies of the staff of The Traveler Chef made up of well-known Rome bartenders.
A  three-course dinner at the restaurant of the estate will follow.