Wine Team Building

In our Wine Team Building wine is primarily a means of exchange, sharing and fun used as a way to play together, not as a knowledge,
Our sommeliers entertainers will tell stories and anecdotes about the great world of wine, introducing the basics of tasting, and lead the participants, divided into teams, to test their sensory abilities and share sensations and tasting comments.

We are able to organize for you:

  • The Wine Game
  • Wine &  the Vineyards Team Building

The Wine Game

A complete tasting experience on a theme to choose from: Italian red or white wines of Italy, champagnes, beer, chocolate and meditation wines.
Participants divided into teams and led by our sommelier – entertainers are called to solve three challenges:

- Blind Tasting Quiz with clues of 4 products to discover among a commented choice of answers.

- Aroma Recognition. What and how many are the aromas of the wine? In this game the participants try to identify among fruits, flowers and spices, all the essences hidden in a glass

- Wine Pairings. Let’s choose and discover the correct wine to pair to sweet and salted appetizers tasted.

Wine & The Vineyard Team Building

Wine & The Vineyard Team building is a really special offsite activity  available all year round, expecially in  the harvest, in our wineries.

After a  brief on the wine making process, the group, divided into teams, is actively involved in working in the vineyardspruning or harvesting grapes  and managing the separation of the grapes to be sent to the pressing.
The activity continues with a wine tasting experience, directly in the vineyards, a visit to the cellar, where the wine-making process will continue and, on request, lunch or dinner directly in the barrel.

In October we are also able to organize, in addition to the wine team building, an Olive Oil Team Building.


- Wine Team Building is available from 10 to 50 participants
- It can be performed in Italian and English
- Duration of the event: two hours
- Theme and Event venue are defined according to the customers needs
- We are able to provide for a lunch or a dinner in conjunction

Our formula includes:

- Wine Game materials
- Aprons for all the participants
- Wine Tasting
- Sweet and savory appetizers served during team building activities
- Service Staff: bartender, assistants and waiters
- Theme arrangement

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