Wine Team Building

In our Wine Team Building wine is a special key  to play together improving team spirit and engagement
Our staff will introduce the guests to the great world of italian wines, explaining the basics of tasting and lead the participants, divided into teams, to test their sensory abilities, sharing suggestions and comments.

What we organize for you:

  • The Winy Dinner
  • Wine and Food Tasting Dinner
  • Wine &  the Vineyards Team Building

The Winy Challenge

The Winy Challenge is a complete tasting experience in the world of italian food & wines; an event which motivates guests stimulating engagement and teamwork in a very simple manner.

After a welcome aperitif our master of ceremonies, a famous italian wine journalist, will present the staff and give a lively explanation of the team building.
Guests will be invited to sit down at the dinner table. Each table will become a team and receive an activity card to complete to win the challenge.
Our master of ceremonies will take the stage for a brief but captivating introduction to the wine tasting to ensure that everyone could participate to the team building without embarassment or shyness.

Then the first challenge will begin: two mystery blind wines will be paired with the antipasto and first course of a special four course gourmet dinner and the teams must work together and taste the wines to figure out their characteristics.

The winners of this first challenge will be announced right away.
The atmosphere heates up and spirits will be soaring for the second round, played with two mystery wines paired with the main course of the dinner.
At the end of the second challenge our team of expert hosts will unveil the mystery wines and announce the evening’s winning team

Wine & The Vineyard Team Building

Wine & The Vineyard Team building is a really special offsite activity  available all year round, expecially in  the harvest, in our wine resort.

After a  brief on the wine making process, the group, divided into teams, is actively involved in working at one of the mail phases of the harvest, depending on the period guests will be involved in pruning or harvesting grapes, managing the separation of the grapes to be sent to the pressing.
The activity continues with a complete wine tasting experience, a visit to the cellar, where the wine-making process will continue and, on request, lunch or dinner directly in the barrel.

In October we are also able to organize, in addition to the wine team building, an Olive Oil Team Building.


- Wine Team Building is available from 10 to 150 participants
- It can be performed in Italian and English
- Duration of the event: two hours and half
- Theme and Event venue are defined according to the customers needs

Our formula includes:

  • Venue for the event
  • Wine team building activity with final tasting
  • 4 course dinner
  • ingredients and tools for the activity
  • Master of Ceremonies and staff
  • Prize for the winning team

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