Gourmet Treasure Hunt Team Building

Discovering art, territory,
traditions and the best of local food & wine

The gourmet treasure hunt team building is an engaging activity perfect for getting to know suggestive cities and villages, art and culinary excellence of the area and strengthening the team spirit of the team, which works together towards a common goal. Our staff will meet the participants in the city center, will introduce the activity by explaining the rules and missions of each team and will give the teams the special Team Building Treasure Hunt kit with map materials and the first clues to start the Hunt. Each group will undertake a separate path, crossing points of interest and the
most famous monuments of the place.

Each clue to be solved will be accompanied by a tasting: answering the tasting question will be the task to access the next question up to the final treasure won by the team that has obtained the highest number of points. A toast and the award ceremony will close the event.
Perfect to:
encourage group dynamics
stimulate the management of contingencies
discover art cities and suggestive villages
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