Lifestyle Team Building

Sustainable team building for companies focused on waste reduction, attention to sustainability and green well-being.

Creativity, ingenuity and adaptability will be the elements that will guide the teams. Each team will
be supported by our expert craftsmen to carry out artistic projects by reusing materials that reflect
the corporate values.

The works will be exhibited in the company headquarters in order to create an original and unique art gallery within the company.
Perfect to:


strengthen cohesion and team spirit


emphasize the theme of sustainability
Our most popular formats


An original team building that focuses on transformation and renewal. The teams, led by our experts and equipped with a selection of raw objects and tools, are involved in the creative reuse of recycled material with the aim of creating, in a predetermined time, their own themed artwork. It will be necessary to use imagination, time management and adaptation to change to design the best award winning works ready to be exhibited directly in the company.


A fun and sustainable corporate team building where art, design and environmental care play a leading role. The teams, led by our expert artisans in creative recycling, will test their creativity in designing and implementing, with the use of reused materials, a themed project of ethical and ecological jewelry and fashion accessories becoming for one day green stylists. The team that has shown creativity and team spirit by creating the most original work will win.


Bonsai, an ancient art, full of symbolism capable of transmitting well-being and a sense of satisfaction to those who practice it. In the Bonsai Masterclass, our expert will teach participants the basic techniques of this millenary art, from cultivation to pruning, giving them the opportunity to express personality and character in the creation of their own Bonsai, designed according to the creativity and way of being of each guest.


A special format in the world of art to discover its connections with local food and traditions. An exclusive dinner where the teams will experience senses and knowledge of contemporary art in three different themed artistic challenges paired with a dish or a wine from the menu. A wellknown art curator will guide the participants in the experience until the election of the best team of “art critics”.

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