Cocktail Team Building

Your event to create the perfect shaken cocktail

The Cocktail Team Building is a creative and challenging activity where teams apply strength,
skills and ability to manage unexpected events in various mixology tests.

Participants will discover the world of the art of mixing and will be asked to create new and original cocktails, able to tell the story and personality of the team and equipped with the right final balance to be enjoyed at the end of the evening.

Perfect to:
stimulate creativity and the ability to manage unexpected events
enhance motivation and team spirit
develop customer approach
discover the art of mixing and its main techniques
Our most popular formats


Each team’s goal is to become an innovative bartender by testing teamwork and skills.

Led by our expert bartenders, each team will create the main classic cocktails and compete with a selection of surprising ingredients for an innovative cocktail that represents the company and its values.

Imagination and organizational skills will be key elements to pass the tests and be winners.


For each personality the perfect mix. In “If I Were You” Cocktail Edition, each guest tests their analytical skills by creating a new drink from scratch that fully represents the personality of the teammate. Participants divided into pairs, led by our bartenders, will discover the combinations of the art of mixology necessary to represent the character and tastes of each person in a drink and then independently create the right cocktail that completely describe the partner, sip by sip, in a fun ¡ connecting game.


It is an exciting challenge at the bar where the teams try their hand at the art of mixology.
This is a test to learn how to make a drink like a real bartender.
Each challenge corresponds to a phase of the mixing process: from the Aroma Recognition, to discover all the aromas in a drink, to the tasting of blind cocktails up, to the creation of a new recipe representative of the team. The team that passes the challenges will win. This will be followed by a tasting of the cocktails prepared.

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