Cooking Team Building

Enhance creativity and Organization to work together

Cooking Team Building is a fun and enjoyable learning experience that will help your
employees bond and relax. Cooking together requires communication and coordination; it is a
comprehensive experience to test team flexibility and improve creativity and organizational skills. And, of
course, improve personal dynamics within the team.

In each team cooking event, participants experience a personalized training moment designed exclusively for them, the company they work for, refine goals they aspire to. A fun way of team building where cohesion and socialization will be the added values for each participant.

The perfect event to:
stimulate creativity and problem solving skills
experience the strength of the team
improve organizational skills and team motivation
discover the excellence of the area
Our most popular formats:


In Basic Cooking team building, each group is a kitchen brigade called to collaborate by pooling individual strengths and ideas to create a menu to be tasted at the end of the event. Guided by professional chefs, teams must create three themed recipes sharing roles and competencies and working toward a common goal. At the end of the activity, the jury, after evaluating skills and team spirit, will determine the winning team awarded with our certificate.


A “blind” cooking challenge in which teams, led by our chefs, test their creativity and team spirit in devising and implementing a totally new menu in all its
aspects using the surprise ingredients contained in a special  Mystery box at the workstation and the team’s problem solving skills.
The team presenting the most innovative work will be elected the winner and will open the final toast with the tasting of the prepared dishes.


An engaging event in which participants, divided into teams, compete in 4 different timed skill tests: cooking, senses, wine and table setting.
Each challenge corresponds to a business aspect and is critical to create the perfect final dinner, from the menu to the choice of wine pairing. Flexibility and handling emergencies capacity will be key to passing the most challenges and being elected the winner. Tasting at the table will follow.


Dedicated to the art of pizza, a World Heritage Site, Pizza team building allows teams to experience creativity and tradition. Participants, guided by an authentic master pizza maker, will be asked to make pizza by hand at all stages, from dough to decoration, and involved in a final challenge: with a selection of surprise ingredients on hand, they will have to create a new recipe that represents the values of the team and the company. The most creative team will win, followed by a tasting of the dishes. 


The perfect activity to strengthen team spirit and problem solving.

The team, led by chefs, will create a selection of finger foods respecting three specific goals: quality, waste reduction and innovation in recipes creation.

Accuracy and precision  will be the
cornerstones of the winning team. 


A real “hand-on” challenge, perfect for dynamic and creative groups, in which each team will test skills, attitudes and cooperation in the creation, in a set time, of different types of pasta, reaching the assigned goals of quantity, quality and creativity to achieve the best result and be elected winner of the challenge. A final toast will close the event and open the tasting of the pasta prepared by the teams.

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