Team Building Orienteering

An orienteering experience to taste
the excellence of a territory

If you want to offer your team an adventure to discover the territory and a unique wine & food tasting,
our Team Building Orienteering is the perfect experience. A different and engaging outdoor team
building activity that is inspired by the well-known orienteering sport. It is dedicated to the
exploration of a territory of which each team will have to discover the natural, historical and food
and wine characteristics, putting team spirit and the ability to manage unexpected events to the test.

Moving from stage to stage, solving the clues of our orienteering staff, guests will taste typical local products in fun gourmet pit stops provided by the activity and will collect points and experiences until they reach the established meeting place where the team that will have solved the greatest number of tests and shown the best organizational skills will be elected winner. Upon request, it will be possible to organize a final lunch or dinner.
Perfect to:
strengthen team spirit
encourage networking
improve problem solving skills
discover Italian landscapes and traditions

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